Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Washua so funny!

Joshua says some of the funniest things recently. Here are a few of them.

Yesterday I started the project of cleaning out the pantry to organize everything and make space for all the food I bought at Fry's case lot sale. I didn't get everything back in pantry yesterday so the living room had quite a bit of food in rows on the floor. When Joshua got up this morning, he looked down the stairs and said, "Oh NO! What a mess! Food on the floor!"

Last night we were trying to get Joshua to tried a "grilled cheese tortilla," since he loves grilled cheese sandwiches, but won't touch a quesadilla. He put up a big fight but Ryan made him try it anyways. As soon as he took a bite he said, "YUMMY! Need more!"

All this evening he has been saying, "Washua is so funny!"

Part of his bedtime routine is rocking in the glider and having us sing a few songs to him in the dark. Well recently he sings to us and if we try to sing along he says, "Washua sing!" and then he starts the song over again.

All day today he keeps saying, "Morgan Happy! Morgan stopped crying." He says it even if she hadn't been crying recently.

Tonight he was eating Corns. So cute!

Here's my favorite. The other day he had a crayon in the backseat with him. He starts saying "Mommy, what happened?" I was driving and couldn't take too close a look, so I told him it was okay that the paper had just ripped. As we were pulling into the driveway he starts saying something about putting the crayon in his mouth.
Well as it turns out, what happened to his crayon is that he took a little nibble of the end of the crayon. Oh dear!

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