Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things I would love to own

I've found myself having some random wants recently, and so I shall post about some of the awesome things that would make me smile.

1. An extra wide baby gate would help me separate my kids into different side of the house so they wouldn't fight. LOL! While I would love to use it for that, sometimes I just need to keep them in either the family room or the living room, and all of our current gates are not wide enough.

2. I would also like this book. This is Nie Nie sister's blog and over the course of the last 2 months I have checked her blog everyday for updates on the Nielsen family. I just love her style of writing. Plus the royalties will go to her sister, so double score.

3. More stuff inspired by the Nielsens. Apparently their family loves this cd, and from listening to the clips available on the internet, I don't blame them. The songs are awesome. I think this cd is going from a want to a necessity. 4. I've posted about a give away on the Knot Sew Shabby etsy shop before, but check out this rockin busy book. I love it. $45 is a bit out of my price range, but I like to look at the pictures. I also dream about the day that I could beef up my sewing skills to do something so complicated. :)

5. I would love just about anything from Knot Sew Shabby, but I really love these on-the-go activity books. I've made crayon pouches before, but this really kicks it up a notch.

Procrastining much on doing the dishes? I think so!!

May you find some awesome things that make you smile too!


Nanna said...

I love those items from the knot sew shabby!! I got the crayon activity bag before I went to Japan, and he loves it! I bought 2 for my niece and nephew too ;-) You should go check out that craft show, since you are "friends and family" I'm sure they will give you discount! I wish I was as talented as my sisters in law and my mother in law!

Missy and Kevin said...

I can honestly say ditto to all those things. I'm a c-jane reader too. I love those little activity books, they are very cute:) Maybe this will give your DH some clues for Christmas gifts.

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