Thursday, March 19, 2009

What a week part 2

The second part of the week was no less interesting than the first.

First off, Our evil lair is completed! The "Laser" is up and running. I will have to take pictures of my laundry room, it is quite a set-up. If you don't know what I'm talking about, there will be more about the laser and its place at my home later on.

Then Ryan came down with the crud. Poor guy, earned himself a 3 day weekend thanks to a stomach bug.

The week concluded with a trip to the zoo with my SIL and two of my nephews. It was a little warm and a little more crowded than I prefer, but still a lot of fun.

Joshua's first encounter with peacocks

Capper and Joshua chillin' on a rock

How cute, little boys holding hands and running. It'd be WAY cuter if they weren't running away from their Mommies with great speed.

Check out the Condor. This had to be my favorite thing this time around. I'm not sure that you can get the full effect of how big this bird was, but wow. He was huge.

I realize that my week concluded on a Wednesday, but this next week is going to be busy too! Stay tuned!

What a week part 1 . . .

We have been super accident prone around here this last week.
Last Thursday: Ryan fell down the stairs while carrying a big long table for my recipe exchange. Nothing too serious, but ouch!
Friday: Joshua shut his fingers in the bathroom door and I burned myself pulling enchiladas out of the oven.
Saturday: Morgan fell down and bonked her head on the tile leaving a bruise
Sunday: Morgan took a header and landed on a Thomas whistle. Ouchie again!

On to the recipe exchange. We had a mexican fiesta at my house and 30 people came! That's 9 adults and 21 kids. Oh, wow. Insanity.

Aww... cute babies playing. (Robby and Gavin)

We had cookies for the kids to decorate. It was a good way to keep them occupied for a few minutes.

Joshua stayed outside decorating cookies for at least an hour. After all the other kids finished Cason and Joshua just hung outside by the cookies.

Poor Morgan. She spent the whole time in her high chair or trying to escape through all the open doors. You can a little of the aftermath on the rug. Nothing a little vacuuming won't fix.
Keep on eye out on the recipe blog to see the yummy recipes that everyone brought. Delish!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Awesome give-aways

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Here is another sweet giveaway. Check out this dress!
Head over to for your chance to win. Hurry, contest ends tonight!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Picture wall...finally

From the day we moved into our house I wanted to take the large wall space above our piano and have a nice picture wall. Nearly 5 years later, we have done it!!

I recycled the frame and matte from a large print I had. I painted some inexpensive picture frames to my liking, and I used my family connections to get some vinyl cut.

I love it! I also love that my out of pocket cost was about $35 for the whole thing.
$16 for the huge print
$1.50 each for the 8X10's
$5 each for the 11x14 frames
$4 paint

Sorry for the lame picture, I'm not so great and avoiding glare and the like.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cutest picture ever!

How cute is my little girl? ADORABLE! Here's a close up of her ladybug barrette.

If we can just get the hair in the front to grow some more!!

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