Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Festivities Part 1

I strongly believe in getting a lot of use out of a Halloween costume and so we have quite a packed Halloween schedule. Saturday we went to boo at the zoo with my sister and her family.
Saturday night was our ward Halloween party. Here are some pictures from our busy, busy day.

Princess Jasmin and Peter Pan hanging out in front of the zebras.

Joshua and Samantha checking out the Elephants from the new viewing area.

Joshua trick or treating at the ward party. He is really digging the whole candy angle this year. He hasn't really cared in years past. It is really cute.

Joshua was very happy to show off his spoils for the evening.

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Missy and Kevin said...

Very cute costumes! That's smart to get the most use out of them since you spend the money. Might as well make it worth it:)

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