Sunday, October 5, 2008

27 Random Ashley Facts

In honor of my 27th birthday, here are 27 random facts and stories about yours truly.

  1. I sleep with 6 pillows on my side of the bed, although I usually only use 1 under my head
  2. While we are talking about sleep, I find the most comfortable way to sleep on the bed is horizontally.
  3. I also sleep with my head at the foot of the bed a lot too. I picked up some weird sleep habits towards the end of my last pregnancy just trying to find a comfortable way to fall asleep
  4. I chose Brussel Sprouts for my 5th grade vegetable report and Lichtenstein for my 6th grade country report because I wanted to be unique
  5. I don't like corn, canned, cobbed, popped, you name it-I don't like it.
  6. I love language and building my vocabulary- even if it is slang
  7. I've played the piano for 20 years. Wow, I sound old
  8. I prefer watching other people play video games to playing them myself
  9. The only B I got in college was in Calculus. I don't mind though, because the B was just a sneeze away from being a C.
  10. I worked at Baker's shoes at AZ Mills mall during high school. During that time I knew all the shoes by style name and could tell you where they were located in the store.
  11. I was a band nerd in Jr High and HS. I was in the marching band and played percussion
  12. One of my biggest pet peeves are forwarded emails that contain chain letters or warnings about some horrible fate that will befall you. 99% of the time they are bogus and with the smallest amount of effort can be fact checked.
  13. I have wanted to move to Alaska since some time in elementary school
  14. When I was 14 my best friend Carolyn and I created our first website, it was dedicated to the Beatles.
  15. I made the first move on Ryan by using a pick-up line my cousin taught me to get him to hold my hand. {For the curious the pick up line is this: "Hey can you hold something for me?" When they say yes, you give them your hand.}
  16. My sister and I are both named after types of trees. Cedar and Ash. I think I got lucky, I could have been Knotty Pine.
  17. I really love watching almost any show on Discovery Health, including surgeries. The only ones I can't handle are rhinoplasties. Nose jobs give me the willies.
  18. When Ryan and I were engaged I was dead set against getting a sleep number bed because I thought everything should be "ours" and didn't want there to be my side of the bed vs his side. I was such a goof ball. {We did end up getting a sleep number bed, FYI}
  19. I LOVE to shop. I really like things like yard sales and thrift stores. Ross was my favorite store ever because I love going through and looking at everything and waiting to find the awesome deal or hidden treasure.
  20. I don't really like feet, that includes mine.
  21. I've loved to collect things ever since I can remember. {Dolls, pencils, coins, stamps, beanie babies, stickers, pens, kitchen utensils, scrapbooking tools/supplies, etc}
  22. I think potty humor is hilarious, unless it is super gross. Ryan jokes that he can just say the word "Poop" to me and I will start giggling
  23. Even though potty humor is funny, I hate public restrooms. I will use whatever avoidance techniques I can to avoid using public bathrooms.
  24. I really love that Christmas decorations are already up at stores. It fuels my need to plan ahead.
  25. I lay awake at night, sometimes for hours, because I've had some project pop in my head and I want to work out the details.
  26. Once, I told my friends parents that my family vacation was going to be going around touring different OUThouses. {I should have said light houses} I was totally confused about why they were laughing hysterically at me.
  27. Ever since I was old enough to know what a Golden Birthday was, I was bummed that mine occurred when I was 5 and too young to appreciate it.

Well that is some truly random stuff about me.

Oh and I should through in a very Happy Golden Birthday to Monica(Sept 27.) I really truly did think about the fact that it was golden birthday and I was a little envious.


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ingredientchallenge said...

Brilliant birthday list!!
Thanks for the birthday shout-out. Recently I was explaining to a friend that the RS broadcast always ruins my birthday weekend, and that it totally sucks. I never want to go to the broadcast. And then I realized that your birthday weekend is always ruined by Conference. You definitely have it worse than I do. Hopefully you see things a little more positively than I do.

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