Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Riding in Style / Primary Program

We took a trip to the mall last week and to our utter surprise, Joshua wanted to play with all the cars they have there. He didn't actually want them to move, so that is nice for our pocketbook.
These pictures are mostly for my Mom, because she would never believe that Joshua climbed in all these cars willingly and had a great time playing. You can tell he had a good time because out of about 20 or so pictures, I could only get him to look at me for one.

Sunday was the primary program and I think it went pretty well. The practices leading up to the program were pretty chaotic, but as usual, the kids pulled it off. We've been in the ward for 5 primary programs and I have been the pianist for the primary program for the last 3 of them. I hope that one day I can sit in the audience and watch instead of participating. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
My parents came and helped entertain the kids so Ryan wouldn't be all stressed out. It was very nice of them and they did a good job at keeping everyone entertained. I only heard Morgan singing along a few times while I was up at the piano.

Here's sweet Morgan at church, doing what she does best. (Looking adorable and keeping us out of Sunday school.)

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