Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A day of firsts

Well we had two big "firsts" in our family today.
1. Today was the first time we gave Morgan and Joshua a bath together. They thought it was a really good time especially since Joshua doesn't always like his sister.

2. During this bath, Morgan pooped in the tub for the very first time. Eww yuck! The craziest part was that Ryan was practically giddy because now I knew what it was like to go through the ordeal of cleaning up the mess and being all grossed out. This is how things went down
A: Oh no, she's pooping! What should I do? Drain the water?
R: No, we have to document this. [Grabs the camera, SNAP, SNAP]
R: Now you can pick the poop out of the water and drain the tub.
A: [Handles the dirty work, cleans everything up, and gets the kids back in the tub.]

I was seriously going to hurl. I do have a new appreciation for Ryan's poopy tub experience
However I think I had it way worse because Morgan's poops are pretty loose. Ryan took the pictures and it is at his insistance that I post his "documentation."

Scroll down past it if you think that is totally repulsive and insane. There is a post of some cute pictures of the kids below this one, so don't skip that.

Okay, you should be safe now..... Oh the things I blog about.

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