Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random Pictures

Last post for the day! I wanted to post some of the cute random pictures I have from the last few days.

Morgan is a master at crawling now and is even venturing into climbing. At my parents house she crawled over to these train boxes, climbed on one of them and just sat there proud as can be. A few minutes later she fell forward flat on her face.
I'm pretty sure the most important thing is that I have it documented that she was up on the box though.

Here is a cute story about Joshua. He has been going to story time at the library recently and today my Mom took him because a state representative was reading a story and handing out a copy of the book Corduroy. Anyways, she took a different route to the library due to road construction. Joshua was telling her that she was going the wrong way to the library. My Mom was trying to tell him that they were still going to the library, but we was insistent. When they got there, he started saying Yay! Library!

Now for pictures! Oh and that is Joshua's Thomas train whistle in the picture, he was trying to learn how to use it.

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