Monday, June 2, 2008

Wading Party

Last Friday we were invited to a swim/splash party by Holly. It was lots of fun. We went last year but this year I took a few pictures. {Click on the link to hear more about last year's trip out there}
I snapped off about 8 pictures in 2 minutes before I dropped my camera in the water. {ominous music} I sort of wish it was completely fried, because I really want a new camera. However it is back in working order after some drying time. Everytime I change batteries or the memory card I have to reset the date. I'm guessing there is some battery inside the camera that usually holds that information. Hopefully I can find it and replace it. I did have the strange urge to take a picture of everything when the camera was out of commission drying. It made me strangely anxious not to have a working camera. I'm pretty sure I'm a big weirdo.

Thanks for the invite Holly! Like I said last year, if I get invited again, I'll be there if at all possible. So fun!

Here are a few of the pictures
1. Here's a good shot of the whole fountain.

2. Morgan and Tiffany. {Tiffany and Capper came too!} We couldn't get Morgan to look anywhere but at the little fountain. She was mesmerized.

3. The boys. Joshua, Josh, and Capper. Another little boy Eric came a little later but my camera was already wet by then.

The only other thing to make note of is that swim diapers don't absorb pool water, which means they also don't absorb pee. Capper had a leak before we got in the pool. Morgan peed on my leg while we were eating lunch. I probably should have changed her into a regular diaper when I decided the water was too cold. Oh well, you live and learn.

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