Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weekly Update the Third

Wow, I can't believe three weeks have already gone by. It seems so fast and yet so slow all at the same time.
I have one new goal for this week, get up at 6:30am every week day. I've given Ryan permission to wake me up using any means necessary. (I'm famous for asking him to wake me up and then making him go away again. Poor guy) This morning went pretty smoothly, so I have confidence I can do it.

Despite the mid-week setback(Pizza=cheesy deliciousness), I posted a fair week.
Here are the numbers:

Weight Change this week: -3 lbs
Total Weight Change: -14.3


Bodi Amanda Sophie Laynie said...

Way to go! So, I totally used your Sisters in Blogging song at an enrichment activity tonight! It was a huge hit!

Bob & Danya said...

You are doing great! 14 pounds in 3 weeks is amazing! Keep up the awesome work! It will pay off!

the cakes said...

That's fantastic! Such strength and determination!

Tina said...

I'm so proud of you! Way to go... Thanks for the fun night of WII!!

ingredientchallenge said...

Good work Ash!!!

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