Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hot car

Talk about a day of many posts!

This story is primarily for Monica, because she said something about Pratt that made me think of this story but I never got around to telling it. I'm going to save us both some phone bill $$ and share here. Just goes to show that even with the second kid I still have a few paranoid tendencies left.

Last Friday on our way back from the pool party, Morgan was just absolutely exhausted. Crying her head off and just so tired. When I put her in the car it was pretty hot and this did nothing to improve her mood. Well as soon as the car started moving she instantly stopped crying and was seemingly asleep. I reached my hand back to her after a minute and she had that whole dead arm thing where you can pick their arm up and drop it and they don't notice. I was able to rouse her a little bit but due to the heat and the speed with which she feel asleep, I was a bit worried. So I pull over and hop out of the car to check on her. I start messing with her enough so that she peaks her eyes at me and then she's right back asleep. We get back on our way and shortly after we get on the highway, I have that nagging doubt in my head again. So I reach back to her and pinched at her until I was able to rouse her a bit. Poor thing was so exhausted that all this hassling didn't phase her in the slightest.

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Our Blog said...

And I bet her batteries were completely charged after the nap!!!!

Great story!

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