Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Whoa Baby"

That's the latest phrase we've heard from Joshua. He was copying my Mom and it is pretty funny to hear. I'm so grateful that he is starting to get more into a parroting stage. Joshua has helped us discover that I say, "Let's see" constantly and Ryan says "Wait, wait" a lot.

Oh and Morgan has some teeth! Last Thursday one finally made it through her gums and a second one is right behind it. Teething and nursing don't mix.

Last week was very busy socially, which is very rare around here. We played Wii with some friends. I intended on taking lots of pictures, but Joshua couldn't keep it together and so everyone spent a lot of time trying to get Joshua to stop crying. {Sorry Suzie!} I did get a cute picture of Austin, doing the Hammer Throw in the Olympics game.

Tina came over on Friday and we had such a good time. Of course Joshua wouldn't eat his dinner that night and so there was a bit of drama over that. He actually went to bed without any dinner because he refused to eat his spaghetti(which I know for a fact he likes.)

Saturday we went swimming at my Sister's house and had such a blast. Lots of pictures from that. My healthier living initiative took a back seat that day, but it was worth every delicious bite.

This week I am working, cleaning my Mom's house and hopefully cleaning my own!

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