Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Everybody Blogs!

I've come to the realization that everybody blogs. It is insane. I will be adding a link section for people I grew up with. In my parents ward there was a group of about 7 of us that grew up in the same primary/sunday school class since we were very small. There were also people either the year older or younger than us that we were friends with too. Most of them keep in touch better with each other than I do, but turns out most everyone has a blog.
Tina Huber (blog forthcoming)
Jeff Mousser
Kevin Johnston
Nicole {Ganem} Schneider (Has a blog, but it is private. If anyone knows her contact info, I'd love to get in touch with her to say Hi)
Amanda {Romney} Anderson
Alison Johnston
Amanda {Painter} Westover

I would not be surprised if there were even more that I just haven't found yet. We are all growed up. A little sad but very exciting all at the same time.


~Missy~ said...

you forgot about Chris! I doubt he has a blog, but he is married now so he should get one.

Tina said...

We all need to get together!! I think the last time we all hung out (including Amanda, Rachel and Amanda) was in high school... hopefully I will be getting a house soon, so I will host it:)!

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