Monday, June 16, 2008

The Haps

Last week was very full with Dr appointments, visiting teaching, recipe exchanging, and family togetherness.
We celebrated Father's Day, and two birthdays with the in-laws on Saturday. That was a lot of fun and a fair bit of chaos. The family is getting to be pretty big and there are two more little ones on the way, Nanna in December, and Tiffany next February. Tiffany ordered a cute shirt for Capper that said, "Big Brother. Mommy's Pregnant. 2009" It was so cute. I like it especially because the shirt we had for Joshua that said, "I'm the big brother" confused a few people.

Father's Day itself was very low-key which is probably what Ryan enjoys the most. He got his present(Metroid for the wii) last weekend, but I did also get him a new shirt too. We are very lucky that Ryan is such a wonderful Father and husband. We sure do love him a lot!

Here is a random pic of the kiddies. Morgan is usually awake before Joshua, so in the morning I come and set her down in his crib with him. It's always so cute, I had to bring the camera with me.

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Tina said...

DUDE! I am so not a blast from the past!! uhhhh!!! haha! I love the pic of Morgan and Joshua! They are so cute!!! I will text you tomorrow about getting together this week!!

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