Thursday, September 20, 2007

Couch climber & Party time!

Joshua has never been much of a climber to this point, which we have been pretty grateful for. However last night he finally climbed onto the couch all by himself. The best part of it was seeing his total sense of accomplishment. You could tell he was so pleased with himself. Those sort of moments are really the best part of being a parent.

------Party Time--------
Today we were invited to a Pool Party in Mesa. The Mother-in-law of one of the sweetest gals in my ward offered to throw a party for her grandson and his friends. The home was a little bit far away, but it was just gorgeous. Joshua and I both had a great time. Not too many folks were able to make it, which is a total shame. It was definitely one of the largest and most beautiful homes I have ever been to, that is for sure.
I ended up getting there before everyone else including the guest of honor. The host still had her hair in curlers, but it was okay. She told me I could take Joshua into the casita in the backyard where they had some toys. Well I was thinking that the casita was going to be a small pool house type thing, but I was way off. The casita was a house in it's own right and bigger than my house at 2,200 sq ft. Holy cannoli. They built this house in the back so they would have additional room for children/grandchildren to be able to play in.
They had built a fountain for the children to play in, which was a cross between a fountain and a wading pool. That was definitely Joshua's favorite part of the yard. They also had a swimming pool and jacuzzi. I'm really bummed that I left the camera at home because it would have been some great pictures.
One of the other ladies there made the comment that if she ever got invited back to the house, she would most definitely be coming. I'm with her, it was such a fun time and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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