Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hectic two weeks

I scrapped the post I was writing because there is has been so much going on I couldn't see going into quite so much detail about it all.
We spent labor day weekend with family and friends and that was nice. Lunch with my family, a barbecue with some of Ryan's friends and scrapbooking with my SIL Tiffany. Maybe I'll try and post some of my layouts. We'll see how motivated I get about that.
The rest of the week I spent a day and a half or so with a mondo-migraine. Definitely no bueno.

Over the course of the week Ryan's grandfather's health deteriorated pretty rapidly and he slipped into a coma and ended up passing away early Saturday morning. We were able to go over Friday night and take the family dinner and pay our last respects. Saturday my Mom made dinner for the everyone, so we delivered the meal and spent a good deal of time there as well. Sunday we also went and spent some time with Ryan's family. It's always sad when a family member passes away, but he had been in so much pain you can't help but feel happy for him that he is in a much better place.
There will be a viewing on Wednesday evening and then the funeral will take place on Thursday morning.

Our nephew Anthony was having a birthday party this weekend in Flagstaff, which was decided should still go on. So this weekend we will be headed out of town for a nice party and some cooler weather.

Wow, it's been very busy and also enlightening. Big life events really help you put perspective on what matters in life.

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