Wednesday, September 12, 2007

3 months to go!

We officially have a date and time for Morgan's arrival. Yay! My c-section is scheduled for December 5 at 9am. It seems so much more real now. It seems the 5th day of the month is also a good day for birthdays in my family. My b-day is October 5 and my Grandpa Morgan's birthday was February 5.

My Mom and I also discovered that her grand children's birthdays are forming a pattern. Samantha is February 9, Joshua is January 7, and then Morgan will be December 5. So they are each one month and two days apart. The next grandchild will have to be planned for November 3.

Having the baby at 39 weeks does mean my baby counter is slightly off, maybe I will have to see about setting up a new one.

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