Thursday, August 30, 2007

JCPenney Outlet

With my first pregnancy I bought almost all of my maternity clothes from JCPenney outlet. It was nice because they were inexpensive, so I didn't feel as bad about getting several different pieces. This time around the outlet store just hasn't had much in the way of maternity clothes. If you shop online, it's pretty equivalent to Motherhood Maternity prices, so I didn't see much point there.

Well today I hit pay dirt. I haven't really needed much in the way of maternity clothes, but it is nice to feel cute while pregnant. I decided to give JCPenney Outlet another shot. Before hand though I checked out the online store to see if they had any sales going on. They had a free shipping deal and a few things on sale. Well I went to the Outlet and found two of the same shirts I had seen on the website for way less money. One shirt was on sale for $24.99 online and I got it for $7.99 in store. The second shirt was $19.99 online and $7.99 in store. That's a savings of $30. SWEET! It would have been even more drastic if they weren't having a sale online.

Hooray for cute new clothes and good deals!

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