Thursday, August 23, 2007

I {heart} Hobby Lobby

I love to shop, including just looking around. Well yesterday I found a new and wonderful crafty destination, Hobby Lobby. It's not a new store, but there is only one in AZ and it is Avondale. My visiting teaching appointment got cancelled at the last minute yesterday morning, so Little Mister and I decided to take a field trip out there.

It was like a crafter's Disneyland. I think a lot of my delight came from the fact that it's new to me. They also have a much wider selection than Michael's and Joann, at least in the craft categories that interest me. They had so many products I had never seen before. I also liked that their sales items were 50% off instead of Joann's usual 40% off. They also had a coupon posted on their website for 40% off one item. This was nice because you didn't have to be a part of their mailing list to get this coupon.

I was specifically looking for an unfinished wood sign with wire/metal swirlies coming out of the top. (Not very easy to visualize I realize.) They didn't have that, but they did have an impressive stock of open scrapbook paper and ribbon selection, which I needed for my current project. Both of the latter were 50% off. More on the latest craft project when I finish it. (hopefully tomorrow.)

Ryan thinks my new discovery is great because there is a Best Buy in the same parking lot. Talk about a win:win:win situation.

If you ever are in need of some new crafty inspiration I am so ready for another trip to Hobby Lobby. I'll even drive!


Ryan said...

You have to love a win:win:win situation. The Office is the best.

Ashley said...

I'm glad that someone caught the reference. I can't wait for the Office to come back to TV. Only like one more month!!

NOT Jon's Blog said...

I also {heart} Hobby Lobby.
Gotta' love those 40% off coupons!!!

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