Sunday, August 26, 2007

Family fun Sunday

Sunday morning I woke up feeling really bad. Maybe all the fun from Saturday, I'm not sure. My sweet husband called me a Primary substitute and I fell back asleep until about 10am. Then about 11:30 am my body decided it was time for another two hour nap. Being pregnant is a lot of hard work, I tell you.

Click the Read More link to hear all about the rest of the day and see the awesome pictures.

Joshua woke up from his nap with the cutest bedhead ever, so we just had to document it.

Then we decided to take up Ryan's mothers gracious offer to feed us Sunday dinner. It was delicious! Plus you can't complain about someone else feeding you and Joshua having lots of entertainment. After dinner Grandma Becky took Joshua and Capper outside to play in the sandbox. What a great time they had. They got absolutely filthy though, so the bath that followed only made sense.

Don't worry, anyone that asked for copies of the pictures will get their hard copies too!

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