Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crafty ideas

The bug post had a lot to do with my Mom sending me an email teasing me that she already knew the stories and info I was putting in my blog. Well, I hadn't told her that particular gem, so I thought I had better post it.

On to other more interesting/random things.
- The crayon pouch I made was a big hit at the party. YAY for being crafty!
- Joann Etc is having a mondo sale this week/weekend. I can't wait. There have been a few things I have been eying that are now on sale.
- I think I have found my newest sewing projects. Baby booties. Check out these two links with patterns and pictures, (Courtesy of RookieMoms)
  1. Martha Stewart Felt Baby Booties
  2. Bitty Booties
- Another sewing project I would love to try is this stuffed ball, also found at RookieMoms. I love their website. If you are looking for a craft to do, just go to their Crafty category and there are like 76 entries. I'm not sure I'd classify them all as crafts, but still fun to read.

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