Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Holy Deliciousness Batman!

I made French BREAD! Whoa! We didn't make a lot of bread growing up, at least not the kind that you had to let rise and all that jazz. My Mom got this recipe for french bread and said it was pretty easy so I gave it a shot. It was easy and turned out great. {I had to taste it for Quality Control purposes.} I'm making Chicken Parmesan for our dinner and also taking dinner to my friend that just had a baby.
Ryan knew I was taking dinner to the Willyerd's so he asked, well how much bread does the recipe make? I told him 2 loaves. His next question was, do we get to keep one of them? He loves his bread. I can't wait for him to try it!
I just wish I had timed it better so the bread was ready closer to dinner time. I wanted to build in some buffer time in case it was disastrous and I needed to go to Fry's or something.
Here's a picture, straight out of the oven.
Should anyone express interest, I'd be happy to post the recipe.


Our Blog said...

Okay, I must report....that after days of deliberation, I've decided to stick with the original name.....the marketing value is priceless.
K-had to let you know, since you did like tons of brilliant word work!

Bob & Danya said...

Yum! Looks just like the bread my mom made when I was growing up. I've never tried it (of course I need to buy the right pan first). Was it a really simple recipe?

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