Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Recipe Exchange Part Duex

Today was the second recipe exchange. It was lots of fun, although my kiddos were not so cooperative. I had to wake Joshua up at 10:15 this morning. He was even more clingy than usual, if that is possible. He didn't eat much all day today, he must not be feeling very well. He doesn't have any symptoms of illness though, so who knows.
I had to wake Morgan up from a nap to get there on time, so she wasn't in that great of a mood either. I didn't end up trying all the different foods because I was worried I was going to make a gigantic mess trying to wrangle the little ones and eat. I'm glad I have the recipes though.

I've put all the recipes up on the blog, so go check them out! The link is over on the right side of the page.
Perhaps some more from me in the next day. I have some awesome pictures of what happens when your Mother's Day chocolate bar gets left in your purse, in the car. My cell phone had to pay the price. Ick!


Our Blog said...

That's awesome - did you do the So. Mtn. blog too?
Good work!!

Bob & Danya said...

Thanks for doing that! I love the recipe blog you made. It's great!

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