Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sisters in Blogging

Yesterday I had several mental leaps and ended up thinking it would be cute to change the lyrics of "As Sisters in Zion" to "As Sisters in Blogging."

I've also included the actual music should you feel the desire to sing it. (click on the picture to see it full size.) You can listen to just the tune of the song at using the Interactive Music system.

If you think it is cute or funny, please feel free to pass it on. Do please include a link back to my blog or my name. Please enjoy!

As Sisters in Blogging

As sisters in blogging, we'll all link together;
The blogs for our fam'lies and kids we will share.
We'll build up our friends list with earnest endeavor.
We'll post lots of pictures and updates each week.

Fam'ly hist'ry our aim; and new friends a bonus.
We tell of our struggles and Faith we impart.
To post whatsoever is funny and charming,
To cheer and to uplift each sister in turn.

Elder Ballard said take part in new media,
And blogs are a great way to follow his charge.
So comment on blogs as you'd like to have comments
and share the joy of the gospel day by day.


Bodi Amanda Sophie Laynie said...

Love the song! I make most of my own bows. The easiest way is to get white knee highs and sew the top and the toe together. It is stretchy and really soft. Then just take a bit of ribbon and sew it around so that you can clip bows onto it. The best place to get the little clips is at a beauty supply store. You can get 100 for $5. Then you just make a bow or get a big flower and hot glue it on!

Bob & Danya said...

Ok, now that is awesome! You should write song lyrics all the time! I laughed and laughed! It's great!

the cakes said...

That's hilarious! And oh so true! Glad to have found your blog. Its so fun to share pics and stories!
Good luck with the shopping...I feel your pain (plus one more) every time I go...ugh!

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