Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Freepeats Phoenix

A website I love, Babycheapskate, launched a forum called Freepeats. Essentially if you have baby/toddler/maternity items you can give them away to people locally. That also means that if people are giving away things that you want, you can take them. They just opened up a phoenix forum today. They already have some nice stuff up there. I have posted formula and some formula coupons, since we are boobie people at this household. If you sign up by the end of the month you get free lifetime membership. If you join after April, the cost of a full time membership is $4.95. Join now even if you aren't sure you have something to give or something you need. The more people involved, the more items there are to choose from!
The website is: http://freepeats.org

Now get Freepeating!

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