Thursday, April 24, 2008

Monkeying around

The cake is oven for my cake decorating class tonight!! Yippee!

As for the zoo yesterday, it was such a fun time. My friend, Suzie, is a saint. She has two boys, babysitting a 7 month old, and is 8 months pregnant. She handled it all very well including flat tires on her stroller, her 2 year old "watering" the asphalt, and having to buy water at the zoo{highway robbery}.
I took a few pictures, but we stayed pretty busy wrangling all the little ones.

Hopefully our zoo guests had a good time too!


Bob & Danya said...

Looks like it was a busy time at the zoo! You probably both had your hands full. Buying anything at the zoo is highway robbery! LOL! I save up to buy kettlecorn there! It's the only way to get my kids OUT of the zoo. I get p#opcorn and then hit the exit while their eating so they don't notice we're leaving! LOL!

Ashley said...

That is a good strategy for leaving the zoo. I will have to remember that! Thankfully at this point, they don't care much when we leave.

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