Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our week

This week is a busy busy one. Here is what is going on:
Monday - Laundry day, bought a Bumbo on Craigslist(more on that later)
Tuesday - Work at Instant Imprints doing a lot of engraving. I'm currently on a break before I go back to work some more.
Wednesday - Go to the zoo! Should be fun and hot!
Thursday - Visiting Teachers are coming. Cake Decorating class in the evening
Friday - Either engrave some more, gather items for the community yard sale, or collapse with exhaustion.

Things I need to do but haven't worked in yet...
- Clean up a bit for visiting teachers. They are bringing their kids, so it's really more like a playdate.
- Make a cake to decorate at the cake decorating class. Well clearly that has to happen before Thursday evening.

Well, it's time to go back to work, so I guess I'll call it good. Hopefully I'll get some more time later to finish.

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