Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ryan knew it all along....

Ryan has always had a few rules about names which I was informed of before we got married.
1. We will call our child by the name we give them. IE - Joshua is not Josh, he is Joshua.
2. We will not name a child anything that will foresee-ably get them teased or singled out. (IE Crystal Shanda Leer, and other wacky names you may have heard of.)

Well it looks like Ryan was right all along. Some researchers in Pennsylvania determined that Boys with unusal names are more likely to commit crimes as adolescents.
Check out the news article HERE


Missy said...

Very interesting... I guess we won't have a Kareem Johnston after all:)

Edna Guerrero Cole said...

I guess if I ever had a boy I couldn't name him Nick... Cole

Ryan said...

When I heard about that study it made me worry about two of my nephews, Capper and Asher.

I love my sister, but she has the opposite philosophy about names.


Nanna said...


Are you worried about our boys too? I guess it's a little different story since Taisei and Kazuma is a perfectly normal {I mean common} names in Japan, just not here. But they will most likely be raised here, the story makes me worry... :-(

Danya said...

Names are important! I've always known that. This just proves it! :)

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