Thursday, January 22, 2009

Train Pit bait and switch

You may or may not remember that Joshua got a Thomas ball pit for Christmas. Well I got a smoking deal on the ball pit and wasn't too worried when it said it only came with 50 balls. That's enough right?

WRONG! Here is what 50 balls looked like.
Not enough to even cover the bottom of the pit with one layer.

Thankfully, not all was lot. His grandparents saw how much joy this toy brought him, knew we were having a bunch of kids to our house on new years, and just plain wanted to be the best grandparents they could be. So..... they bought more balls. A lot more balls in fact. 500 more balls if we want to get all exact and everything. Here is the after shot.

You can buy this same ball pit on Amazon(their's does have 75 balls) for $70. I got mine online for only $15 at KB Toys. However 500 more balls cost $50.

Speaking of Joshua's train obsession. Here is the latest formation that his enabler(Daddy) set up for him.
It does cause some potty training issues however, because Joshua is insistent that he plays with the tracks BEFORE he goes to the bathroom in the morning.

I do like how Ryan enjoys when Joshua gets new track just as much as Joshua does. It also does wonders to keep them both out of my hair. :)


Alison said...

That is a sweet track! Skyler has a duplo thomas track and I was wanting to get him more tracks for Christmas, but then I realized that I wanted them more than him. I'm just getting bored of the same old set-ups!

Danya said...

Awesome Ball Pit! I think they should make ball pits for adults! That would rock!

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