Thursday, January 29, 2009

Terrific 3's???

I've been trying to write down some of the funny things Joshua has been saying recently. Here are a few of my favorites.

Morgan trying to play with Joshua's trains
Joshua: "Morna stop fighting me! Morna want can't have Joshua's trains."
(After that he started telling everyone to stop fighting him)

Mommy wiping Morgan's nose

Joshua: "Is Morna's face running?"

Mommy: "Joshua, think about going pee-pee and then maybe some pee pee will come out."
Joshua:" Shhhh, listen." (Hand cupped around ear so he can hear if he is peeing.)

As we are driving down the road.
Joshua: "MOMMY! MOMMY! You a good driver. Cause we don't want to crash."

On a walk around the block with Daddy after dinner.
Joshua: "Daddy, where the moon go?"
Daddy: "It's hiding."
Joshua: "Oh, it's hiding in the bushes."

He has become the master procrastinator. Anytime we ask him to do something, he says he needs to do something else first. Such as:
Mommy: Joshua, it's time to go potty.
Joshua: No, I need to hold woof-woof(stuffed puppy) first.
He comes up with every excuse in the book. At least he is learning the order of things, (first, second, next, last, etc)

He is also getting pretty defiant. At least 10 times a day when you ask him to do something he says "No I NOT!" Then if I have to resort to counting to 3 before I do it for him, he starts yelling, "No, Don't say it."

I think he's getting too clever for my own good!

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