Thursday, January 8, 2009

Morgan gets her way, by force if necessary

I love having the Christmas tree up, and Joshua absolutely loves his "MissMiss Tree." We aren't typically in any rush to take down the tree. Morgan apparently decided that she was done with all this Christmas stuff at the start of the year. So on January 1st she pulled the Christmas tree over on herself. I was upstairs at the time but I got to hear all about it.

I wish we had a picture of the downed tree, but we do have a picture of our scratched up Morgan. Nothing too serious of course, just an X shaped scratch on the side of her face. I guess there is a good reason that our eyes are recessed into our skull.

She's clearly distraught over the whole ordeal.

I do feel bad for Joshua though. Everytime he comes to the top of the stairs he asks us where the MissMiss tree went. He is having a tough time in general with Christmas being over. He is also very upset that there are no more Christmas displays at the grocery store. The blow up Snowman was his favorite.


Tina said...

I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing! Morgan is hilarious! I love how you explained it - Morgan was tired of Christmas!! See you Saturday!

Danya said...

I hate taking down Christmas stuff too. I think it should be customary to leave it up until the end of Jan. (I did pusht he bar this year and left it up until the 8th)! LOL!

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