Monday, January 12, 2009

Potty Training

Well we have officially started potty training. I'm trying the cold turkey method, IE putting him in underwear and working it out from there.
So far he has refused to sit on his potty seat. I do mean REFUSED. We've practiced having his puppy go potty on the seat, but no dice. No accidents, but it's only been a half an hour.

I'm not convinced that he's ready, so today may just have to be an experiment and we'll try again soon.

If any potty vets have some advice, please do share. Especially if you have potty trained a boy.


the cakes said...

I've found that they'll do it when they are darn good and ready! Kyle does NOT CARE at all! He'll sit in a gross diaper for hours and not care. So gross. He would rather play. He's used the toilet many a time and knows what to do. That's what makes it more frustrating. But we've found that forcing it makes him more stubborn. With Lane, we tried to push it, bribe, the works. When we gave up...everyone was happier. Then just overnight, it seemed, he was dry and that was it. He was about 3 and 3 months. Kyle? We're hoping by the time he's 5! Hopefully you'll have a better experience. Girls are so much easier...Nora will beat Kyle for sure! Ha Ha Ha!

the cakes said...

Thanks for the recipe! I'm collecting all I can as next month I want to dedicate to Nora and have the whole family eat her food (as much as possible anyway.)
How's Morgan doing with food?

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