Thursday, January 8, 2009

3 Christmases

There was that movie called 4 Christmases, well we had three; mine, ours, and his.
Christmas Eve was with my family and it was lots of fun. Prime rib for dinner, the true story of Christmas, and then lots of presents.

Christmas day we hung out at our house and opened some presents from Santa. I think everyone's favorite toy was the big Thomas ball pit. Morgan and Joshua both love that thing. I made a big ham for Christmas dinner, which was a first for me. With both our families in town, we usually spend the day with them.

Christmas number three, was on December 27 with Ryan's family. Everyone was there including new baby Kazuma(pronounced Cause-ma, the U is silent) Nanna: Correct me if goofed that up.

All of the little boys got the same big helicopter. It was so fun to watch them open it at the same time and get so excited.

Uncle Armando had some snow left on his camper that he shoveled off. The kids loved playing around and throwing little snow balls.

Now here is a link to a massive slideshow of the whole Christmas weekend. (All 200+ pictures)

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Nanna said...

you did a good job, yes, "U" is silent just like you said ;-) We were thinking about not putting the u, but in Japanese, the correct way to spell is with u, so... He will have a even harder time that Taisei telling people what his name is. lol Sorry boys...

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