Monday, March 24, 2008

How Morgan got her name

I started this post last week, but had a difficult time finishing it so it took awhile. I will apologize in advance because I get a little rambly.
I just want to start out by saying that last week my Grandfather, Eugene Fox Bennett passed away at the age of 82. He was dearly loved and will be missed, but I'm so excited that he gets to be with the two beautiful women that he has waiting for him.

With my Grandpa in my thoughts the last few days I thought I should record why we chose Morgan Fox for our daughter's name. It isn't too hard to figure out really. Morgan is my mother's maiden name and Fox is my middle name, but it isn't really quite so plain in my mind.

The Morgan name in my Mother's line will die out when my Uncle is gone because he doesn't have any children and obviously my Mother and Aunt are using their married last names. I actually had wanted to name Joshua, William, for my Uncle and Grandfather, but that didn't quite work out. All of my Morgan family relatives mean a great deal to me and I really wanted to carry that name forward in my own family. I also want Morgan to feel close to my Mother's family even though they all live very far away.

On to Fox. When I was younger I hated having an unusual middle name. I would get teased and I was always scared of what people might say when they found out my middle name was Fox. However as I have gotten older I have felt very privileged to be named after my Grandfather and Great Grandmother(Grandma Great.) Fox was her maiden name and so of course there are many other people in my family history with the name Fox, but I only personally knew Grandpa Bennett and Grandma Great. Growing up I had the opportunity to see often and grow pretty close to my namesakes. I doubt it was just the name, but I always felt very close to both of them and even now that they are both gone I still feel very close to them. Especially so to my great grandmother, which even though she died when I was 13, I have felt her presence in my life frequently. In conclusion, Morgan was given the middle name Fox in the hopes that she can feel that same connection with her namesakes as I have with mine.

I'm sad that my children will not get to know their Grandpa Bennett in this life, but I am grateful that I have memories I can share with them.

Wow, that was kind of heavy for me to express. When we first told people what we were going to name our daughter we got lots of weird reactions and perhaps even a little flack. Even if those people don't see this, I still feel like I have set the record straight and that feels nice.

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