Monday, March 17, 2008

From the mouth of babes Part 2

My niece Samantha is a source of never ending amusement. Three year olds say the funniest things. Here are two examples.

1. Samantha was going to come to Autumn's birthday party at Pump-it-up but she insisted on my Mom coming too. We hadn't really anticipated this, but it all worked out. Anyways I was trying to think of reason with Samantha and eventually just told her that Grandma should go home because she is a wet blanket. I even got her to repeat it a few times. It didn't do us any good though. According to Samantha, she and Grandma were going to have their own party at pump-it-up since Grandma wasn't invited to Autumn's.

2. This one is even better. Samantha wanted Uncle Ryan to take her to the potty, which Ryan informed her was "inappropriate." Her response was, "it's not proper etiquette." Hilarious!
Turns out that Cedar tells Samantha that things are inappropriate and follows up with saying it isn't proper etiquette. So when she heard Ryan say it was inappropriate, she knew the next line.

In other news, Joshua is starting to say more and has even put some words together. We have been working with him a lot and it seems to be paying off. Todays "sentences" included, "Thank you Momma," "No cheese," and "yeah, nap." He can tell I was pleased with the No cheese, so he likes to start repeating it every time I tell someone about his accomplishment.

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