Friday, March 14, 2008

Computer Graveyard & Busy busy busy

It's been awhile for two reasons. 1. Our computers are dying off right and left. Our laptop's hard drive bit the dust and the power supply in Ryan's computer crapped out this morning too!

The other reason is that I've been putting all of my computer time into finishing the Instant Imprints of Tempe website. It is now done and running!! The web address is (May I recommend using Firefox, it's just prettier. Oh and I don't have an Apple to test it on, so if you do and it looks horrible, please let me know. )
Woohoo, I'm so excited and I need to thank a few people. Well just my children for taking long naps at the same time. I couldn't have done it without you kids. Oh and my husband for letting me spend our evening "together time" on the computer and for figuring out the blasted FTP situation. (yes I realize it sounds like I'm accepting an award, but I am exceptionally pleased with myself.)

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