Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Love for the JCP - and little known facts about furniture

Joshua and I decided to hit the mall for an outing. Of course I had some birthday money burning a whole in my pocket as well so shopping did commence.

I found myself a few more maternity tops and a nightgown to use at the hospital. Joshua got a shirt and a pair of jeans. I also got some Christmas gifts knocked off the list while I was at the mall. Woohoo! Morgan even got some onesies and the like from Baby Gap.

I saw lots of cute dresses that I would love to get for Morgan for her Christmas dress. Super cute, but a smidge out of the budget. I will be keeping an eye out for sales at Gymboree and Children's place.

The find of the day however was an awesome changing table from JCPenney. The one that we bought for Joshua is falling apart a lot. This one is more like a real piece of furniture. I'll post some pictures as soon as we can manage to get it in the house.

Here is the little known fact about furniture(at least for budget shoppers.) Real furniture comes assembled. I saw the display piece and figured that the box would fit in my Mom's CRV no problem. I was under the assumption that I would be fitting a box that had the unassembled changing table. Oops, I was wrong. My Mom took time off work to run over and pick up the box, which would not fit. They had to take the table out of the box and even then it took four people to maneuver it into the car. Victory was had though and the nice dock workers, a store manager looking guy, plus my Mom, loaded the changing table. The best part was the price. It was $379.99 full price on sale for $199 at the outlet. The outlet had it on clearance for $149. Yippee! That is 60% off.

More about what has been going on around here later.

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