Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lady with a baby!

So I'm 34 weeks pregnant, but measuring like I'm 38 weeks pregnant. Yikes. Definitely means I feels physically ready to have little Morgan. We had an ultrasound today to check on growth. It was so fun to see the baby. She was very excited to have her picture taken and was squirming all around before and during the ultrasound.
It was funny because the tech was trying to get a profile shot of her and all of a sudden you see this foot pop up. Morgan is apparently measuring so big because she has herself bent in half. She had her foot touching her forehead. I see gymnastics in our future. :)

Anyways, we are never very good about taking "pregnant" pictures of me, so we took a few on Sunday. Here's one of them....

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NOT Jon's Blog said...

You look great! We're very excited to meet the baby!! Did I tell you that we're coming for Christmas?! Keep us posted.

PS - what was the thing that made you mad on the internet?

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