Saturday, October 6, 2007

Birthday Celebration Week!

My Birthday was technically Friday, October 5, but it seems like I've been celebrating all week. Last Sunday was a joint b-day party at the in-laws. Tuesday was a joint party for Ryan and I at my Parents house. MMmmmmmmm, prime rib is delicious.

On Friday I treated myself to McDonald's breakfast. Fancy, I know. Friday night we went to the Elder's Quorum Barbecue. I have to admit I wasn't super excited when I found out it conflicted with my birthday and plans to go out for a nice child-free dinner. I did get my "I Support the Priesthood" button for the day though.

Today I get my child-free meal at Texas Roadhouse. We go there about once a year and I always get so excited for it. It is not usually as good as I hyped it up in my head to be, but it definitely is pretty tasty. Thank goodness for our Tivo, so if we aren't in front of the tv for one of the sessions of conference we can watch it later today or tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone that made me feel special on my birthday, it was nice. I felt very loved. I got three different bouquet of flowers. Neato!

Weather report for today: AWESOME!! The high is 82. Yahoo!

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