Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Phoenix Children's Museum

On July 1st, I finally made it to the Phoenix Children's Museum with my SIL Tiffany, and my Cousin-in-Law(CIL) Nanna, whom I really sort of feel more like is a Sister in law, but I think now we are just getting confusing . We were able to use Culture Passes to get in for free!! I love free. It was so much fun. It was a lot of work chasing down Morgan and trying to keep Joshua from being too shy, but once they both got into it, it was a total blast.
I hope to make it back several times while the culture Pass program is still going on, but I'm not sure I'm ready to fork over the $135 it would be for myself and the 2 kids for a membership.

I took so many pictures, so I've done more collages to get as much bang for the buck. It seems like collages are the only way I'm ever going to get caught up on all the fun activities we have been doing. On to the pictures!! (Click for bigger)

Joshua's favorite part was probably the car race track or all the different "ball drops" they had. They best way I could describe it is like a big game of mousetrap, except you can just keep dropping these balls and watch them follow this big track.

Morgan's favorite part was the grocery store area. She LOVED scooping up the beans over and over again.

My favorite part was the toddler area where kids over 3 weren't supposed to be. It was an enclosed area so Morgan couldn't escape and it was just so nice and mellow there.

After a few hours there we stopped at the slowest Burger King in existence and got some lunch. We came back to the house and let the boys play while we ate and relaxed. It was such a blast!


Missy said...

Now I totally want to go there! How fun! I need to get those free passes from the library, that is such an awesome deal.

Nikkel said...

Love this place!

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