Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Father's Day weekend!

So besides enjoying our new TV we had a pretty fun Father's Day weekend. Saturday morning we got up and took the kids to the two-story carousel at Superstition Springs Mall. Joshua was brave and rode on the top level because Daddy was with him.

After that we met up with Ryan's Dad at Fuddrucker's for a delicious lunch. The kids loved all the games to play, and I really enjoyed the stuffed animal, claw game. I decided to make all the Dad's in my life Giant cookies. Yum! There's a picture in the collage of my FIL with his cookie and his card, it sang "Lean on Me."

On Sunday, Ryan got to prove what a good Dad he was and stay home with two sick kids. That night for dinner we went over to my parents house to celebrate with a nice Prime Rib dinner. Yummy again!

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