Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dreams fulfilled through my kids

I have been wanting a nice wood play kitchen for ages! Problem being that I was not prepared to drop the serious coinage required to get such a gem. I however hit the yard sale jackpot on Saturday. I was helping my sister at her community yard sale and decided to take a drive around the neighborhood. Well about 10 or so houses up the street, I saw a lady and her daughter selling the kitchen of my dreams for $30. This was really the only thing they were selling. The little girl was saving up to buy a doll. {Yikes, expensive doll}

I jumped out of the car and said, It's mine, I'll take it, here's your money!
I paid and then realized there was not a chance it was fitting in my car. I had to call my sister's friend to drive down the street with her truck, and then I lucked out because my parents were stopping by and it was able to fit in their CRV. Otherwise my kitchen would be having an extended stay in Goodyear.

It's huge, and heavy, and I LOVE it!!! I was asked about 3 times where I was going to put it in my house and the answer is, it doesn't matter, I'll make it work! {It doesn't have an official home yet, but we're working on it.} It may kick the sofa table out of our house.

It needs a little bit of TLC as the little girl wrote on it a little with pen, and one of the knobs on the sink is missing. A $225 kitchen for $30 is my kind of deal!

I realize that I could have just blogged, "check out the kitchen I got for $30." Where's the fun in that though?


Tina said...

I am so coming over to play!!! Move over Joshua and Morgan - Aunt Tina is coming to take your toys:)!!

Edna Guerrero Cole said...

Nice find! Rock On!!!

Missy said...

Are you kidding?! What an awesome find! That is a little girls fondest dream.

Danya said...

Awesome! Don't you just love those smokin' deals you get when going to garage sales!!! So great!

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