Monday, April 13, 2009

Another zoo trip

I'm really excited to post about all the Easter festivities so I better hurry up and finish catching up!

March 25 we went to the zoo my Cousin-in-law Nanna and her two boys. She had never been to the phoenix zoo, so obviously Taisei hadn't either. I was so glad that I got to be the ones to take them. Joshua and Tai get along really well together. Here are a few highlights...

Tai has an awesome "cheese" face.

We took the kids on the carousel at the end of our trip. Tai was having a pretty good time.
My kids however, aren't so sure.

Here's a random picture from my Visiting Teachers visit. While we were saying a prayer, I heard a noise and Morgan had pulled the bag of cheerios off of the table. She and Eliza were pretty happy about the arrangement though. We like Eliza, she has about the same amount of hair!

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Nikkel said...

The zoo is so fun! I love your family picture at the top!

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