Monday, April 27, 2009


Joshua is getting to the point in his development where he is soaking up everything and lots of times he says the funniest things.

Today at Costco he was so excited to tell me there was sign that had the letters O-P-E-N. We were talking about how that spelled 'open' and what it meant. By the end of our trip if you asked him to spell open he would or if you said what does o-p-e-n spell he knew it was open.

Ryan came home and we showed him our new skill so Ryan was teaching him how to spell Dog. Joshua was really enjoying this and was asking to do more words. Ryan asked what word he wanted to learn and he said Clouds. How random is that? He is such a cutie.

The other day we saw a Fire Department truck that wasn't actually a "Fire Truck." It was a little shorter than a regular truck and didn't have hoses or anything, but it was pretty big and bright red. I pointed the Fire Truck out to Joshua and he said, "that's not a fire truck!" We were both traveling down baseline, so after a minute or two, Joshua says, "Mommy, the not firetruck is following us!" What a character.

One last story, we are trying soooo hard to get Joshua completely potty trained. He doesn't have any wet accidents, but he refuses to poop in the toilet. (He actually refuses to poop anywhere, so it's doubly hard.) Anyway, this morning I was asking if we going to poop in the toilet today and he said, "Hmmmm, maybe later mommy." We might be guilty of saying that to him sometimes. It's so funny how his mannerisms and behaviors point out some of the things we do as parents that we didn't even realize.

Here's a little Joshua quiz.
His speech skills have greatly improved but there are still a few words he can't quite say. (some of these he can say now, but couldn't for a long time.) See if you can guess what he means..

1. Passerants - Passengers
2. Prencils - Pretzals
3. Frencils - Freckles
4. Asselsauce(thought I'd throw you an easy one) - Applesauce
5. Misses George - Curious George
6. Misstry - Sesame Street
7. Clipperd - Clifford the big red dog
8. Morna- Morgan


Tina said...

I know Morna is Morgan:)!

Missy said...

Wow! I was trying to interpret those and I think I got maybe two.

Danya said...

He's getting so big! You know they're big when they want to spell stuff! Don't you love the little words they say wrong? Sometimes I don't want to correct them because it's so cute and sometimes really funny!

Nikkel said...

This is such a fun age! Keep it up with the potty training he will get there, and maybe regress, but it will all work out.

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