Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tim Tam Slam

Oh glorious day. The DELICIOUS cookie found only in Australia is being sold in the US at Target by Pepperidge Farm.
Having never been to the land down under myself I am thankful to have friends that travel and let me taste this wonderful little cookie.
Lest you think I am over exaggerating this sweet little delicacy, I'm hoping that Monica can add a comment and tell you how much she likes them too.

More info about Tim Tams can be found HERE and HERE
May I also suggest checking out a Tim Tam Slam HERE

Happy Cookie Eating!! Tell your friends!

1 comment:

Our Blog said...

Okay - seriously people, you HAVE to do a Tim Tam Slam before the holidays are up! Let this be your challenge.
Make a pre new year's resolution, that you'll do this before new year's.


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