Thursday, September 25, 2008

When it rains it pours

First off, my finger is much much better. Yay for that.
Now let me tell a story about Tuesday.
Tuesday was Ryan's birthday so I decided to take him a cake and his favorite bean burrito to his work for lunch. His favorite bean burrito comes from a restaurant, El Metate, on Recker and Main, near where he used to live and work. I drive out there on the 202 and stop for gas at Recker and McDowell. The battery in my car was then dead. My hand hurt, my kids were screaming their heads off, and the blasted car would not start.
I had jumper cables, but still had two different people refuse to help me jump my car. So then I was crying too. I gave up and asked Ryan to drive from Tempe to help me out, when magically the good Samaritan I had been praying for showed up.
A nice man saw the obvious signs of car troubles, hood up, jumper cables out, lots of crying, and offered to help. It took him all of 30 seconds to hook up the cables, I started the car, and off he went.
Ryan was still pretty close to work, so he could just turn around and go back. He never got his favorite bean burrito, but I did stop by and make him meet me to get his birthday cake.

Another ray of sunshine in the day was that I took my car to Auto Zone and they tested the battery while it was still in the car, and then took out the old one and put the new one in for me. All this happened while I stood inside the air conditioned store.

I still get a little emotional telling the story, because I just can't imagine if I saw someone in such distress that I would refuse to help them. One of the bad Samaritans was a Realtor. I should have written down his name and number off the side of his car and started an internet smear campaign. LOL!

The rest of the day went very nicely and Ryan had a good birthday. Thankfully, Wednesday and so far Thursday have been without major incident. I have been trying to lay low though. No need to tempt fate.

Let my bad experience be a reminder to be the good Samaritan and do what you can to help out. It has definitely been a reminder to me.


Tina said...

People are dumb!! I had so much fun last night watching RR/RW!! I love your kids... they are the freaking coolest!!!

Nicoleonehotmama said...

hey, it's Nicole (Ganem) Schreiner! I found your blog thru Tina, hope you don't mind! Your kids are so cute. Could your little girl be more of a little Ashley or what??

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