Monday, September 15, 2008

Joshua's update

I would feel bad if I didn't do an update for Joshua too.
I hate the phrase "late bloomer," not for any reason I'll bother to explain, I just don't like it. So when I was told Joshua was probably just a late bloomer and he would one day go from very little speaking to full paragraphs, I was skeptical and possibly a little annoyed. However, Joshua's language skills seem to have exploded. I still have to act as a translator a good deal of the time, but he is improving daily. He is even willing to repeat what you say. I'm proud of all the progress he has made.

♥ He loves to sing. ABC's, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, I am a child of God, are some of his favorites.
♥ He sings the ABC song, but is also getting to where he can recognize about 75% of the letters.
♥ He loves his numbers, he can count to about 12 and his favorite thing is pointing out numbers when he sees them. When walking at AZ Mills mall, we always know what neighborhood we are in, thanks to Joshua.
♥ As of last week, Joshua can say his own name. It sound like Oshua, or Washua. I'd say this is an improvement to him answering "Hanna fast"{Thomas is fast} when asked his name.
♥ That is a good segue way to this one. Whenever Joshua is feeling insecure he will start talking about Thomas. Typically he will say Thomas is fast.
♥ Here's a list of some of things he says and what he really means
  • Hanna - Thomas
  • Orno - Gordon
  • Who-do - Percy(He's actually getting a lot better with saying Percy, but who-do is just funny)
  • Hames - James
  • Hemmer Ham - Peter Pan
  • Biff - Buffer (as in Thomas buffers with James)
  • Bee - Grandma, or Grandpa
  • Friends - Anyone who is knocking on the door
  • Morna - Morgan
  • Har - car
  • Hurch - church
  • No Morna hutch! - Morgan don't touch that! He is very concerned about Morgan touching anything.

♥ Now that Joshua can say his name, the phrase he uses most is, "Joshua Do it." Gotta love that one.
♥ His favorite foods are Beans and Rice or izza{Pizza}.
♥ He is still in diapers but today he told me when he went poo poo and even wanted me to change his diaper ASAP. He usually runs and hides from that.
♥ Joshua has some crazy good computer skills. He is so good with the mouse and clicking where he is supposed to/wants to. He didn't have a hope of not being a computer whiz between Ryan and myself, but it is now confirmed.

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