Thursday, September 18, 2008

Picture update

It seems I have been slacking quite a bit on the picture taking front, so here is a little bit of catch-up.

My Mom retired from the Tempe Elementary School district on Sept 2 and they threw her a party. Here's a picture of Grandpa and Morgan.

A nice woman decided to entertain Joshua at the party by rolling a glass apple back and forth with him for a LONG time. Morgan got in on the action to. Look how enthralled they are.

Next we have some pictures of Morgan doing some of her favorite things, standing and sticking her tongue out.

Look at me Mom! Check out my 6 chompers!

Baby fall down, go boom. Baby had better hold on with both hands from now on!

Here I go again, I'm not afraid of anything. Here is what I think of you fear!

I'm sure you noticed that Morgan is using a case of water to stand up with. Well I bought it over a week ago and it got set in the living room while the groceries were coming in from outside. We quickly noticed that it is Morgan's favorite thing to climb on and the perfect height to help her stand. I'm sure it will stay in the living room a while longer.

Tonight my parents are having us over to their house for dinner to celebrate Ryan's birthday since they will be out of town for the joyous event. I'm sure even more pictures will be taken then.


Tina said...

I love your kids... they always make me smile!!!

Amanda said...

She is so cute! I think she looks just like you!

Bob & Danya said...

She's is sure getting mobile! Such fun for you! All I can say is, thank heaven for gates that block stairs! Hahaha!

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