Friday, September 19, 2008

28 things I love about Ryan

Today is Ryan's 28th birthday and to celebrate I have compiled a list of 28 things I love about Ryan. These are in no particular order.
  1. He gladly will use a day off to take care of me and the kids when I am sick
  2. He took part of the day off of work yesterday to tend to me when I stabbed my hand with a kitchen knife. {More on that later.}
  3. He stays up too late listening to me talk about whatever random thoughts pop up in my head
  4. He takes the garbage out without having to be asked
  5. He changes a lot of diapers
  6. He always knows how to make me laugh
  7. He thinks it is funny that I find bathroom jokes funny
  8. He makes me feel special
  9. He knows just when I'm running out of patience and steps in with buckets full of his own
  10. He takes a genuine interest in all my various craft projects
  11. He is a worthy holder of the Priesthood
  12. He is willing to try whatever foods I ask him to even though he is "allergic" to new foods
  13. He is one hunky muffin in his jeans, checked shirt, and hat
  14. He purposely makes jokes that only I will get just to make me laugh
  15. He loves to play with his children
  16. He loves to teach his children new things
  17. He happily watches the kids so I can get away for a bit
  18. Until we had kids, we went everywhere together. Now we go mostly everywhere together
  19. He will lay on the floor in Joshua's room with him on nights that he has a hard time sleeping
  20. He wears the tie Joshua and I made him for his first Father's Day, every week to church
  21. He is a problem solver
  22. He is always telling me about fun things he found on the internet that I thinks I will like
  23. He calls me everyday from work during his lunch hour to chat
  24. He makes the whole world better when I snuggle with him and lay my head on his shoulder
  25. He gives a mean foot massage, especially when I was pregnant
  26. He only left my side to get food when I was in the hospital for both births
  27. He is always putting the needs of me and the kids ahead of his own needs
  28. He is mine forever, and I am his forever.
I could easily keep going, but that sort of defeats the purpose of 28 things for 28 years.
I love Ryan to pieces and I am so grateful to have him as my eternal companion. I love you babe!

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Tina said...

You are so lucky! I love Ryan - I'm glad you picked him instead of anyone else!!

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