Friday, August 1, 2008

A New 'do

Today I went and got an awesome haircut(IMHO) at Carsten salon. We aren't talking the Carsten institute, we are talking the full dog and pony show. I thought it was pretty awesome that Carsten himself was a few stations over cutting some guys hair.
Anyways, here is a before and after shot. I tried taking a picture of the back of the haircut, but that just wasn't going to work by myself.

If you are in need of an awesome haircut and don't mind spending about $50, go to Carstens and ask for Brittany.


Tina said...


Hzyrddy said...
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Hzyrddy said...

Ashley, it looks great!!!

~April Pullins

Alison said...

It looks great, Ashley!

Misty said...

It looks great!

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